About Us - Church Windows

Saint Paul Church contains some of the most breathtaking stained glass windows in New England. We hope to compile a pictorial tour of the windows on this site, but pictures can't take the place of an actual visit! Visitors are always welcome to our church for prayer, or just to marvel at the architecture and beauty of our great stone church.



Main Body of the Church

  • One: The Creation Story
  • Two: The Patriarchs
  • Three: The Conquest of the Land
  • Four: The Prophets
  • Five: The Judges/David
  • Six: The New Covenant Meets the Old
  • Seven: The Women of the New Testament
  • Eight: The Advent/Christmas Window
  • Nine: The Church Fathers
  • Ten: The Life of Christ
  • Eleven: Great Saints of the West
  • Twelve: The Passion/Resurrection Window
  • Thirteen: The Transfiguration
  • Fourteen: Saint Paul with Evangelists

    Choir Loft

    • Fifteen: The Holy Trinity
    Sacristies/Walkway Behind Sanctuary Not pictured in this diagram are six upper windows in the sanctuary, which each portray two apostles. Along with each apostle is an angel bearing a banner which pictures a traditional symbol of that apostle. The two windows in the narthex are decorative, and do not portray any scene or saint. Total windows: 30